Dulux Colour Trends 2023 - Making your Home Beautiful (2023)

I love it each year when the Dulux Colour trends forecast comes across my desk. Three diverse and exciting new trends to interpret and to consider how these can be used in my work. It's really interesting to see how the forecasters have analysed both global and local events and translated these into a colour forecast. Colour is so subjective and our feelings about each tone and shade of each colour have been formed over the years by our own experiences, colour symbolism from our society and culture and even by the anatomy of our eyes. Did you know that there are different colour sensing cones in our eyes and that these change over time? Young eyes love the colours with longer waves – the reds and oranges, while older eyes prefer the colours with the shorter waves – the greens and blues.

I am going off at a tangent, but I just wanted to touch on what a complex area this is and I know that each one of you who reads this article will walk away with a different view of each colour. I have also interpreted how I think you could use each one of these beautiful palettes in your own home. I would love to hear in the comments section which trend you like the look of and how you might use it.

Dulux colour trend – Connect

Our homes continue to be our refuge in 2023 – the place we seek security, calm and comfort as we build up the mental and physical resilience to face an altered reality in the outside world. The Dulux Connect palette reflects our desire for a simpler lifestyle, grounded in nature. Natural and quietly stable hues, such as moss, wasabi, sandstone, muddied yellow-green and rich, purple-brown bring warmth and intimacy to interiors and commercial spaces, and set a relaxed and welcoming tone that draws people in.

Dulux Colour Trends 2023 - Making your Home Beautiful (1)

The walls above are painted in Dulux Sandy Day

Furniture is crafted from raw timber, leather and rattan, with gently curved lines that add to the cosy, sanctuary-like vibe, whilst fabrics are natural and highly textural; woven linen, cotton, hemp and fine woollen knits. Vintage and thrifted furniture sit comfortably alongside bespoke, contemporary lighting made from recycled materials, whilst handcrafted ceramics in organic shapes speak to our continued appreciation for the handmade and unique. They also bring to mind many of the pastimes we experienced during lockdown, such as quilting, cooking, gardening and hiking. Rather than being hidden away, the marks of time are celebrated for their imperfect beauty; think charred timber wall panelling, worn leather sofas, faded tartan rugs and naturally weathered brass tapware.

Dulux Colour Trends 2023 - Making your Home Beautiful (2)

The walls above are painted in Dulux Namadji


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Highlights from this palette include the greens, such as Dulux Stilted Stalks and Wasabi and the neutral Dulux Apparition, which will play a dominant role in the year ahead.

Dulux Colour Trends 2023 - Making your Home Beautiful (3)

The walls above are painted in Dulux Beaten Track

Dulux Colour Trends 2023 - Making your Home Beautiful (4)

The walls above are painted in Dulux Reservation

My thoughts on how to interpret this colour trend into your home

  • This earthy colour palette is perfect for lovers of natural tones which create a cohesive and calming environment. Our eyes don't need to adjust to see the colour green as it sits in the middle of the spectrum and so this is a perfect colour for those who see their home as a refuge. The greens in this trend are towards the yellow tones in the spectrum and make perfect partners to rich browns, mustard tones and soft warm orange accents.
  • Dulux Sandy Day has a touch of grey and an undertone of soft pink and if you love the modern blush tones, you will like this soft white. It also comes in a half and a quarter strength which is great for using on woodwork and ceilings respectively with the full strength for the walls. Alternatively, if you are looking for an off white without too much pigment the quarter strength of Sandy Day could be used as your white throughout the home.
  • Dulux Hammer Grey and Namadji are gorgeous dark tones in this palette – these both have a lovely warm base; Hammer Grey is more of a purple grey brown while Namadji is a warmer grey brown. Dulux Hammer Grey is a particular favourite of mine for exteriors when you need a strong contrast.
  • The whole vibe of the Connect palette from the Dulux colour trends for 2023 is suited to Bohemian style interiors. I would hazard a guess that the majority of us have introduced a little bit of Bohemian style into our homes without even realising it. I have more about the style and how to introduce it into your homes in the post below.

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Dulux colour trend – Balance

Not everyone is yearning for adventure in a post-Covid world – many of us seek comfort through structure and routine. Dulux Balance palette is a refined and reassuring palette of serene marine blues, gentle greens, weathered pastels and accents of deep garnet that evokes the beauty and fluidity of our oceans and shoreline. Interiors are pared-back and considered, with the focus on immersive colour that runs from walls to ceilings, and exquisite detailing, such as the sweeping curve of a bedhead or the sliver brass border around a fireplace. These can help to create living spaces that feel both ordered and classic in their intent.

Dulux Colour Trends 2023 - Making your Home Beautiful (5)

Archway and hallway wall painted in Dulux Terrace White with the living room walls in Dulux Sea Kelp

Lavish, touch-me textures, such as velvet and silk in upholstery and bedlinen add a sense of luxury to living spaces and bedrooms, while accents of charcoal in lighting and architectural features add a contemporary edge. Patterns in art and décor pieces are intricate and understated and are inspired by the complex and structured patterns found in nature, such as a fern or seashell, to create something of an otherworldly feel. Technology allows for precise design details, such as delicate, laser-cut light fixtures and palm-size sculptures with intricate pleating, creating small but arresting features that make you consider nature’s fleeting beauty.

Dulux Colour Trends 2023 - Making your Home Beautiful (6)

Bookcase is painted in Dulux White Casper Quarter with the walls and joinery in Dulux Domino

The key colours from this palette include the blues in Dulux Kimberley Sea, Starfish and Sea Kelp with a balance of warmth in Deep Garnet which respond to the importance of this ocean scape theme.

Dulux Colour Trends 2023 - Making your Home Beautiful (7)

Walls in Dulux Casper White with Dulux Green Alabaster Half on the staircase

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My thoughts on how to interpret this colour trend into your home

  • This colour palette, anchored by solid and reliable blue is a very grounding one. Blue is the colour of communication and lovers of this colour are individuals who enjoy order and steadiness. In order to cut through the seriousness, a sprinkling of beautiful soft pink ensures the look is more light-hearted. It remains nonetheless quite a conservative look that doesn't date easily.
  • Dulux Casper White Quarter is a lovely interior white as it has a very slight lavender undertone which makes it a very soft colour. For those people who don't like to see any yellow or blue in their whites, this is a great option.
  • Dulux Domino is a much loved off black and perfect for this colour palette with its undertone of blue. You don't really notice this on its own – particularly in interiors, but it does mean that it works well with blues and soft greys like Dulux Terrace White, which also has a blue undertone. By the way, these are regular choices for me for exteriors too.

Dulux colour trend – Revive

Chubby furniture, exaggerated floral and striped patterns, and colours galore – for many, the freedoms we’re enjoying are a chance to cut loose from convention and have some fun. Whilst the colours in the Dulux Revive palette are a little deeper than last year’s brighter colours, it draws from a same philosophy; it’s out with the so-called ‘design rules’ and in with personal expression. Mustardy yellows, breezy blues, rose pink, lavender and striking emerald are splashed across everything from walls to furniture to create spaces that instantly make you smile.

Dulux Colour Trends 2023 - Making your Home Beautiful (8)

Walls in Dulux Lexicon Quarter with a feature wall of Dulux Princess Pink

Standouts from this palette include emerald green, a popular hue in 2022, which will play a bigger role in the year ahead and we’ll see used in new and unexpected ways, such as fluted paneling on a kitchen island, and paper-bag orange, which helps ground Revive’s kaleidoscope of saturated hues, whilst speaking to the natural aesthetic that dominates this year.

Dulux Colour Trends 2023 - Making your Home Beautiful (9)

Walls in Dulux Lexicon Quarter and front door in Dulux Pink Chi

Mixing nostalgic elements, such as 80s-style colour blocking and mid-century-style furniture with futuristic features, like digital and pixel-patterned art, this is a look best described as ‘retro futurism’. It’s also one that speaks directly to the digital generation, with a focus on creating Instagrammable moments – think one-of-a-kind accent walls (yes, they’re back), oversized, statement sofas made with modern quilting techniques, and carefully curated backdrops for video calls. The past, present and future, moulded into one.

Dulux Colour Trends 2023 - Making your Home Beautiful (10)

Dulux Diorite on walls and Dulux Pharaoh's Gem on ceiling

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My thoughts on how to interpret this colour trend into your home

  • Wow – this is a lot of gorgeous colour and I am sure most of you are thinking that this is just too big a step to take! But step back for a moment and just consider how uplifting these colours can make you feel. You don't have to copy these ideas religiously, you can just take some of the ideas and introduce some lovely pure saturated colour into your home with accents.
  • A perfect way to use a strong colour is to paint the inside of your front door. The image above with Dulux Pink Chi is a perfect example of how striking this can be. I have a post dedicated to what you should paint on the inside of your front door below. I love to recommend Dulux Diorite as an exterior colour for front doors too – this is such a lovely happy colour and perfect for coastal exteriors where people want a pop of colour on an otherwise neutral palette.
  • These strong, bright colours can also be used for feature walls but you need to give this careful consideration. I have written a post about how to use a strong feature colour which you should read if you are drawn to this uplifting palette and would like to use it in your home.

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More information can be found at Dulux Australia

Please contact me for details of the suppliers of the items in these images.

Dulux Colour Trends 2023 - Making your Home Beautiful (11)

Did you know that I have a Free Resource Library? Whether you are building a new dream home or just undertaking a weekend redecorating project, there will be something there to help and inspire you. Included in my library is a guide on how to put together a mood board. You can download thefree checklists and e-books here.

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What are the decorating colour trends for 2023? ›

Every 2023 Color of the Year We Know So Far
  • Aged Barrel by Minwax.
  • Viva Magenta by Pantone.
  • Spanish Moss by Krylon.
  • Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore.
  • Terra Rosa by Dunn-Edwards.
  • Redend Point by Sherwin-Williams.
  • Canyon Ridge by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart.
  • Blank Canvas by Behr.
Jan 23, 2023

What will be the color for 2023? ›

The Pantone Color Institute named Viva Magenta as its official color of the year for 2023 for its joyous yet powerful nature. A red with subtle notes of purple, magenta flawlessly complements many different color palettes from those on the richer, jewel-tone side of the spectrum to even a lighter, earthy palette.

What is Dulux color forecast 2023? ›

The Dulux Colour of the Year 2023 is Wild Wonder™. A light, earthy shade with a glowing tone. It brings energy and positivity to living and working spaces, connecting us with the natural world.

What Colours are in for living rooms 2023? ›

Plush browns and bold reds are major shades to watch this year—in the living room and throughout the rest of the home. "Browns and reds will be the defining color families of 2023," says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams.

What color is replacing gray 2023? ›

Now that gray is no longer the go-to paint color, you may be wondering what color is replacing gray. The answer? It's beige. Yes, beige is coming back in style after years of being synonymous with boring or bland.

What will be trendy in 2023? ›

They said this year will bring shades of pink and green, metallics, and faux leather. The experts also highlighted ballet flats, blazers, and cargo pockets as up-and-coming trends.

What color is replacing gray? ›

What color is replacing gray? Cool toned grays have been replaced with warmer toned greige, beige, taupe, cream, and brown tones as the most popular neutral options.

What will be the color of 2024? ›

WGSN, a global authority on consumer and design trends, and Coloro, a global authority on the future of color, have announced Apricot Crush as their Color of the Year for 2024.

Is beige coming back in 2023? ›

Beige has been patiently waiting on the sidelines, and for 2023, it's back as the choice designer neutral, and I couldn't be more excited for its second time in the sun. For one, there's a much wider array of tones available, from pale creamy lattes to deep chocolatey beiges.

What colour is timeless by Dulux? ›

Timeless is a neutral cream colour from Dulux

This cream shade is lighter and less yellow toned than others, giving it a subtle touch. This will leave rooms feeling cosy and not as stark as a white paint, like Dulux White Cotton.

What colour kitchen walls for 2023? ›

"Neutrals like white, cream, gray, and greige are trending in 2023," says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr Paint Company. 'Blank Canvas is the perfect warm, welcoming white with a transformative power that offers limitless design opportunities," she adds.

Are white walls still in style for 2023? ›

' One of the key benefits of white is that it plays to different interiors styles – and as such, is unlikely to ever fall out of fashion. 'Though moody hues are definitely on trend for 2023, white walls will never go totally out of style,' says interior designer Bethany Adams (opens in new tab).

Is grey out of style 2023? ›

The consensus is that grey is out and warm neutrals will continue to dominate in 2023. “The color trends have gone from all white to warm neutrals, and in 2023 we will be warming up those neutrals even more,” says Brooke Moore, Interior Designer at Freemodel.

What are the interior door trends for 2023? ›

Wooden or Glazed Doors

Door design trends 2023 advise opting for natural and modern materials. As a result, wood is classic in this regard. A solid wood door is more pricey, but excellence speaks for itself. Wood will complement a rustic design wonderfully and provide a sense of warmth and security to the space.

Is agreeable gray still popular in 2023? ›

Is Agreeable Gray still popular in 2023? The quick answer is YES! Agreeable Gray (sample here) is an iconic Sherwin-Williams greige paint color and is still one of the 50 most popular colors on the Sherwin-Williams website. This post on Agreeable Gray is the SINGLE MOST POPULAR paint color on this blog.

What colour trends for spring 2023? ›

Honey shaded coral, crisp, brilliant blue, and fruity, tropical orange: Pantone's color trend report for Spring/Summer 2023 is here, and it's bold.

What will be in style spring 2023? ›

The Top 6 Trends to Wear for Spring 2023, According to Fashion...
  • Sculptural Bags.
  • Pastels.
  • Denim-On-Denim.
  • Maxi Skirts.
  • Platform Slip-Ons.
  • Mesh Clothing.
3 days ago

Are accent walls out of style 2023? ›

Accent walls are going strong in 2023. Wallpaper can be an easy way to try out new styles if you're not sure what you want. But, if you're ready to commit, consider bold paint colors (more on color later) and textures like exposed brick, concrete, and natural stone.

Is painted furniture still in style 2023? ›

Color is king come 2023, according to Dickson, who says that painted wood furniture—especially in bright colors—is all the rage as of late.

What is the new grey? ›

The colour we're talking about is GREEN. Not acidic chartreuse or the blue-y shades of jade or mint, but a much softer, earthier green that, to be honest, isn't a world away from what we've been accustomed to with the grey palette.

What are the color trends for 2023 24? ›

Enjoy inspiration from the runway to help you navigate the storytelling for 2023 with 5 key color trends from WGSN. Trending colors are forecasted to be galactic cobalt, sage leaf, astro dust, digital lavender, and apricot crush!

What is the 2025 color of the year? ›

Red Plum.

What are the color trends for 2025? ›

According to global trend forecaster WGSN's latest Beauty Colour Forecast​ A/W 24/25 ​report, sensual seasonal reds, electrifying brights and mixed earth tones would take centre stage across the Autumn/Winter season of 2024 into 2025, engaging with shifting consumer sentiments.

What are the color trends for 2023 summer? ›

This season, you will see greens mixed together (forest with emerald, kelly with celadon, etc.), but green will also be with shades of blue (especially periwinkle and navy) and other brights (highlighter yellow, hot pink, and cerulean for example).

What color should I paint my house 2023? ›

The boldest Color of the Year selection for 2023 is Benjamin Moore's Raspberry Blush. This lively red-orange is full of personality and aims to inspire dramatic transformations around the home.

What exterior colors increase home value? ›

"Blues, grays, greens, and whites are timeless, calming colors that allow potential buyers to see a home as a fresh, clean slate. They can then picture themselves, and their personal furnishings, filling the space to make memories in years to come."

What exterior color house sells for the most money? ›

"Generally, going with neutral colors like shades of white, beige, taupe, and grays lead to a faster sale," she shares. "Neutral colors are also more appealing to potential buyers because many want the creative freedom of a blank canvas to add their personal touches to when looking for a new place to call home.

What home colors are trending? ›

Top 10 Exterior Paint Color Trends in 2022
  • Warm, Earthy Neutrals.
  • All-Black Exteriors.
  • Dusty Charcoal.
  • Warm Whites and Creams.
  • Vibrant Greens.
  • Muted Gray-Greens.
  • Classic Navy.
  • Black Exteriors with a Contrasting Door.
Jan 4, 2023

What are the top 3 most popular colors? ›

The most popular color in the world is blue. The second favorite colors are red and green, followed by orange, brown and purple. Yellow is the least favorite color, preferred by only five percent of people.

What is the most popular Dulux grey? ›

Our 4 most popular true greys are Chic Shadow, Polished Pebble, Urban Obsession and Night Jewels 3. Grey is a beautiful colour on its own but it also works so well with every other colour because it's the ultimate neutral.

What is the most timeless colour? ›

White. White is, of course, always a good paint choice, because it feels elegant, fresh and clean. Plus, Gibbons says, “black and white are the most timeless colors you'll find anywhere and the most timeless color combination.”

Does Dulux Timeless look yellow? ›

It looks yellowed when used on the walls with the ceiling and woodwork going white.

What color furniture is timeless? ›

These classic hues include neutrals (blacks, creams, beiges), navy blue, and darker shades of green. These timeless interior design colors just never seem to go out of style, and are very safe choices for an ageless look.

What color couch is timeless? ›

If you want timeless furniture, go for a timeless color. Yes, a color! A blue, yellow, or black sofa will be a lot more timeless than the popular gray. The gray sofas of today are just the brown leather sofas of 10 years ago.

What is the most popular colour for a couch? ›

The most popular, perhaps unsurprisingly, is gray. Ben White, design and trade specialist at Swyft Home, explained why gray topped the list: “Gray is a likely a slightly more popular sofa color choice as it's the most versatile of all the neutral colors.

Are wood cabinets coming back 2023? ›

The warm, rustic look of cabinetry that emphasizes its wood grain creates an inviting atmosphere. "Although we've already seen a bit of this in 2022, we will see even more natural wood finishes in kitchens in 2023," designer Hilary Matt says.

What color appliances are in style 2023? ›

Black is the new Neutral in 2023. The PPG Porter Paints color of the year 2018 was a faded black called Black Flame. A more elegant version of black, I think we'll be seeing it more in appliances.

What is the new kitchen style for 2023? ›

While white will continue to be a popular choice for kitchens in 2023, we can expect to see kitchens get a bit more colorful in the new year. In particular, homeowners are embracing warmer tones and bold pops of color rather than monochromatic, Scandinavian-style minimalism or white and gray farmhouse-style kitchens.

What are the top home decor trends for 2023? ›

Some of the most popular interior design trends for 2023 include the return of bold color, natural stone surfaces, closed floor plans, mixed metal finishes, luxe living, statement lighting, and 60s and 70s influences — particularly in furniture design.

What is the most popular wall art for 2023? ›

In 2023, the most popular wall art styles include minimalist black-and-white prints, large-scale landscapes and seascapes, textured mixed-media art, personalized photo collages, and wooden world maps. Each of these styles offers a unique way to express personal style and add character to a room.

What are the texture trends for 2023? ›

--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fired-clay brick trends launch 2023 with whites, grays and prevailing textures—creatively layered, inset, rustic and blended for depth and detail. Soft whites and grays continue to dominate color preferences, according to Brick Industry Association (BIA) members as shown in this brief video.

Are white walls in style for 2023? ›

' One of the key benefits of white is that it plays to different interiors styles – and as such, is unlikely to ever fall out of fashion. 'Though moody hues are definitely on trend for 2023, white walls will never go totally out of style,' says interior designer Bethany Adams (opens in new tab).

Is brown furniture coming back 2023? ›

Brown wood furniture is a hot trend in 2023 for many because it evokes a new sense of warm and security. It also brings the often-fleeting, natural world into our homes. This is especially appealing in these uncertain times.

What is the newest trend in wall color? ›

Decorating and paint trends for 2023 are looking like they are split into two camps - going bold and bright, or keeping things neutral. When it comes to bold colour, it's all about luxe greens, inky blues, berry reds and burnt oranges, giving rooms a touch of drama alongside warmth and cosiness.

What are the picture frame trends for 2023? ›

Start with wood frames (the more natural the better), linen frames or look to 2023 colors of the year with green frames, where Savannah Green and North Sea Green are tops. Adding texture to your walls with canvas floaters, housing your treasured art pieces or canvas prints will bring this look full circle.

Are gallery walls out of style 2023? ›

Gallery walls are one of the easiest ways to inject a home with personality and make them more unique, according to Farinas. A collection of fun art pieces or sentimental photos, these statement sections of a room are one of 2023's home décor trends to watch, adding unique elements of interest to our spaces.


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